In high rise buildings, shopping centers or in big size complexes; sanitary lines should be redundant, remotely monitored, and should provide feedback. Otherwise in case of a problem, these prestigious buildings can be flooded and the operators of the building can face huge costs. DVD Valve Solutions can work with BMS System, valve operations can be monitored, and in case of a malfunction, alarm signals can be received. Furthermore, redundancy valves can be used a back-up in case of a malfunctio..
In case of fire, Fire Protection Lines preserve Life. That is why, the most critical network in buildings is the Pressure Protection Lines. Equipment used in these lines should be UL or FM Certified to provide high reliability and valves should be selected according to the application or installation of the item.• UL/FM Approved Deluge Valves • UL/FM Approved Pre-Action Valves• Underground and Above Ground Fire Hydrantsare provided by DVD Valves for reliable protection.
In HVAC applications, flow rate changes constantly due to AHU or FCU’s. Therefore, one of the most important issues in HVAC lines is Accurate Flow Control; in other words, Balancing. If the line cannot be balanced well, some users cannot get enough heating or cooling. DVD Valves provides various Flow Control Valve solutions especially for main line balancing. ·         Cartridge Type Dynamic Balancing Valves (DN50 – 250) ·        ..
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