From the first day on, Humanity depended on Water initially to survive, and then to develop. Being one of the four basic elements of life on earth, Water has accompanied Humanity since the beginning.

All civilizations rise by water sources, leading Water to be the foundation of modern society we live in today.

Food needs water to grow, Energy needs water to power & cool, transportation needs water to sail on, and Humanity fulfilled these needs by building up marvelous engineering solutions and infrastructures for supply and storage of Water.

In the past Humanity established settlements nearby water sources, rivers or lakes. However throughout time, urbanization pushed society to have settlements away from Water as well and continue its journey where water resources maybe found at great distances or major depths. Water had to be transported from greater distances and kept on providing life to Humankind.

In this historical journey of Water, DVD Valves is glad & proud to gain the confidence of Water Authorities, Municipalities, State Hydraulic Departments in over fifty countries, thanks to its superior Valve Solutions for Water Systems.

Potable Water Systems, Irrigation Systems, Power Generation & Industrial Systems, Pump Stations, Transmission Lines, Waste Water Lines and Treatment Plants & Desalination Plants are only a few of the Water related sectors where DVD Valves operates and offers solutions for.




DVD Underground Air Valves do not require any valve chamber. Due to the Stainless Steel Sleeve, the air valve can be buried directly to the ground, providing protection without costly valve camber construction.
DVD Pre-Paid Ultrasonic Watermeters are designed for precise metering and automatic shut-off in case of no credit. Due to the Ultrasonic technology, the meter can operate even in water with particles and it never reads air.
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