Transmission Lines are the main supply lines that feed life to the city. In case of a problem in the main transmission lines, all city life can be affected dramatically. Therefore, the operation of these lines is very critical. Transmission Lines consist of DN600 and above sizes of pipes and can go up to DN2500 sizes. Therefore, Valves that are to be used in these lines should have high durability and should not cause any problems.  As DVD Valves, we are manufacturing Big Siz..
In cities; water to be provided to residents flows through a very complex network. These are the Water Distribution Networks of the city. Valves used in these networks should have high corrosion resistance, since the network is buried underground. Furthermore, valves should be certified to Potable Water Approval for public health issues. Low quality equipment can cause water leakage and since they are buried underground; the leakage is almost undetectable. Therefore, products that are to be used..
Pump Stations are the heart, pumping life to the city. If the heart stops, the life can be endangered. Thus in Pumps Stations, Non-Slam operating equipmentwith Low Headlossshould be used. In addition, Water Hammer is a complex phenomenon that can be faced in Pump Stations, where individual analysis should be done on project basis. DVD Valves provides various solutions of Pump Stations with different Check Valves and Control Valves. ·  For Non Return Applications, Swing Type (with Leve..
Water Brings Life. That is why, Water Conservation plays an important to fight against Water Scarcity. Unfortunately, City Distribution Networks buried underground for decades, get worn out overtime and cause water leakage. As a result, around 50% of water provided to the city is lost during transportation. Therefore, Pressure Management should be done on the network, by optimizing especially the nigh-time pressure. With this method, by applying optimum pressure in the network, water loss can be..
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