The two main necessities for life are Water and Food. And since Food requires Water to grow, bringing water to farmlands is essential. DVD Valves manufactures all different types of valves that are used from Water Resource till Farmer Outlets, providing one-stop supply to contractors. With DVD Hydrants, hundreds of thousands farmers rely on DVD Agricultural Irrigation Solutions.·         For farmer outlets; A, B, C and D Type Mechanical Irrigation Hyd..
In 21st century, more green city life is demanded all around the world, and Landscaping Applications fulfill this demand. However, Landscape Irrigation also plays an important role in city water consumption. Therefore, Irrigation should be efficient and monitored. With more than 15 years of expertise in Landscape Irrigation, DVD Valves provides effective and efficient Landscape Irrigation solutions that conserve water. ·   For Efficient Irrigation, Spay and Rotor Sprinklers ·   ..
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