To satisfy the needs of its customers with its highly qualified manufacturing facility, high-tech, rapidly developing products and experienced staff, and become a remarkable leader in the global market.

Go Global 2030

As a result of the Strategic Planning done in 2021; 2030 Vision of the company has been set. In this 9 year plan; various parameters like Revenue, Earnings, # of Personnel, Product Strategy, Market Strategy, Production Strategy,Organization have been defined, goals are set and are projected for each year. According to these goals, each year has a dedicated Strategy, and different Projects are defined for each year, that are feeding these determined Strategies. DVD Valves daily work is based on Project Management and each Project has a Project Plan, Project Leader & Team, and Project Targets. Monthly Management Evaluation of these Projects is done and Project Plan and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) are followed. As DVD Valves, we do not leave our future to chance and we follow a pre-determined Strategic Plan


All DVD R&D, Production and Sales Processes follow ISO 9001 Quality Management System. DVD has taken the definition of Quality as;
“to supply its customers with consistent and reliable products that are technologically ahead of its competitors, with continuous improvement activities. To supply these products on time, leading to high satisfaction of customers and getting their well reserved trust. To establish and develop the nuclear safety and security culture of employees."

DVD Valves is granted the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate and strictly follows the below defined Occupational Health and Safety Policy:
“Decreasing the possibility of risks which our employees and visitors can face, determining the probable risks and making risk analysis, taking protective and preventative measures, creating a working environment compatible with related laws and regulations, training our employees, consulting with employees and employee representatives, ensuring their participation, and preventing occupational accidents by making continuous improvements and preventing work-related accidents by continuous improvements.”

DVD Valves is granted the ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certificate and strictly follows the below defined Environment Policy:
“To comply with the necessary environment related regulations for the purpose of decreasing our environmental effects to minimum; to design and manufacture products with low carbon foot print; to effectively use our natural resources; to prevent pollution; and to decrease waste formation to minimum level, eliminate them with appropriate methods and to support re-cycling in all actions and to ensure continuous improvement in all activities done by our company.”
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